Jan 17 2013





The urgently needed relief package needed by the residents of Long Island, New York City and New Jersey passed the House of Representatives this week. It was a real push to get it passed as right wing Republicans attempted to kill it or use it for their ideological agenda. The reason it passed was that 192 Democrats voted yes along with only 49 Republicans.

There was one Democrat, Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN), who joined with the other 179 Republicans who voted against the aid package.

There were some very interesting votes in the roll call vote on the relief package:

-Congressman Paul Ryan (WI), who ask for drought disaster aid, voted against aid for Sandy victims.

-However, Republican Congressman Eric Kantor (VA) voted yes.

-In Speaker John Boehner's (who by tradition usually doesn't vote) home state of Ohio, every single Republican voted against Sandy relief.

-In Florida, that has received billions of Federal Disaster relief over the years, fourteen Republicans voted no and three voted yes!

-Mississippi did a little better with two Republicans voting yes and one voting no.