Jan 8 2013




The Log Cabin Republicans has run a second full page ad attacking former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel. They said it shows his complete record but alas it leaves off the fact that when he was Senator from Nebraska he was one of the very few Republicans to oppose an amendment to the United States Constitution banning marriage equality! The omission is not surprising since the purpose of the ads is to complete someone's else's agenda and not a thoughtful reflection on Senator Hagel's positions.

The Log Cabin Republicans has an obligation to 'show us the money' and who is financing these ads. Right now their campaign again Hagel has to run into the mid-six figures. Color me shocked that they have those kinds of funds in their bank account to run these ads. After all, I don't remember them running full pages ads in the four states where we fought for marriage equality.

Actually, I remember them strongly supporting Mitt Romney who had the worse record possible on LGBT rights.

Can't help but wonder if their funds wouldn't be better spent running a full page ad asking the House Republicans to cease and desist from financing the opposition in the legal battle for DOMA. Or maybe the Log Cabin Republicans can take all their newly discovered wealth and pay for full page ads demanding the Republicans support a trans-inclusive ENDA. Surely we would welcome them using their money to pay for an ad that lists all the Republicans who now support marriage equality?

Nope, they run an ad that omits key information, says Hagel apology is not sincere enough and that this issue is the most important ever for the Log Cabin Republicans. Really, this is what we should be spending our time on? This is how we should be spending tens of thousands of dollars?

Let's be honest here. Someone is using the Log Cabin Republicans for another agenda and financing these ads. The Log Cabin Republicans in order to have credibility must show us who are financing these ads. That kind of money sure hasn't been sitting in their accounts all year long. I promise you that is a fact.

Show us the money!