Jan 24 2013




Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water! Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann barely held on to her Congressional seat in the last election. Around the country you could hear a collective sigh of relief that maybe she had her wings clipped enough not to bother us the next two years. Guess again!

In Minnesota, she is the first choice of Republicans to run against incumbent Democratic Senator Al Franken in 2014.

 According to the Public Policy Poll,  Republicans in Minnesota love her. Bachmann pulls a strong 45% of the Republican electorate to be their nominee. Her closest rival would be John Kline with 19%. Amazingly, for those Republicans who describe themselves as 'moderate', Bachmann is their first choice! "Moderate" and Michele Bachmann in the same sentence is simply incredulous.

Fortunately, in an preliminary test run, Senator Franken beats Michele Bachmann by 54% to 40%.

Didn't the Minnesota Republicans get the memo from the last election that Americans don't want extremists in their government especially one that hates gays, hispanics and women?