Jan 19 2013





Public Policy Polling (PPP) has a new poll with early numbers on (believe it or not) 2016 Presidential race in the key state of Florida. Even the home grown Republicans of former Governor Jeb Bush and Senator Marco Rubio would face a tough time if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the nominee in 2016.

In the general election, Clinton would beat Rubio by 50% to 46% and Bush by 49% to 44%. The primary is currently a wrap up for Clinton with her beating Vice President Biden by 65% to 15%.

If the Secretary of State and Vice President don't run, the numbers show in Florida that Governor Cuomo would receive 22%, Senator Warren would have 15% and Governor Patrick at 5%.

Republicans in Florida like Senator Rubio in the primary with 31%. He is followed Bush's 26%, Huckabee's 11%, Christie's 7% and 5% for Bobby Jindal. Interestingly, Florida Republicans only give Congressman Paul Ryan a mere 2% which is the same number that Senator Rand Paul polls.

Wonder why they have not included former Senator Rick Santorum in the poll?