Jan 22 2013




The right of a woman to have control over her own health decisions and body is clearly gaining favor with Americans. For the first time in the Wall Street Journal/ NBC News Poll, a woman's right to choice is supported by 54% of Americans.

Even more astounding is that 70% of Americans do not want to overturn Roe v. Wade which is the 1973 Supreme Court decision giving that "right to choice' to American women. That is an increase in polls numbers from 58% who felt that way in 1989.

The same poll showed that:

- 52% of Americans are now approving of the job being done by our President.

-52% support allowing undocumented workers to apply for legal status in America.

-56% support stricter gun control laws.

-51% of Americans are optimistic about the President's second term

-61% find the President likeable.

-49% have a negative view of the Republican Party and only 26% have a positive view of the GOP.

-only 23% of Americans have a positive view of the Tea Party while 47% hold an unfavorable view of the right wing.

-60% of Americans believe the Iraq War was not worth fighting.

-51% believe the Afghanistan War was not worth fighting but 62% think it has been successful.