Jan 2 2013




Despite the New York Post type headlines on The Huffington Post and other progressives being disenchanted by the 'fiscal cliff compromise', the President actually achieved a fairly good deal. In a vacuum, it is easy to find parts of it that really rub progressives the wrong way. There is no question that this is not a perfect piece of progressive legislation. But the concept of increasing taxes for the rich was won, the poor won't be punished (so far) and urgently needed funds will continue for the farms, unemployed and programs for the poor.

Liberals should not forget while we re-elected the President and a more enlightened United States Senate we did not take the House of Representatives. For the President and his team that is a simple reality. That body is actually being held hostage by a group of fifty to sixty Republicans who would love to see the government collapse, unemployment benefits stop, forced across the board cuts to all poverty programs (including food stamps for the hungry) and thousands laid off.

My friends, this is not abstract math nor a time to be pure. This is a time to protect the poor and middle class which the President has done. This is the time to avoid another recession just when we are on the verge of a huge comeback economically with jobs increasing and housing starts increasing. This is the time to protect us from those in the House who would destroy everything for their self-righteousness.

For God sakes, let us not lose our reason in the name of the perfect fiscal bill. Guess what, with the Republican House that 'just ain't going to happen'. Given the powers are in play our President did a great job.

If you don't like it, start organizing now in those fifty to sixty districts, go door to door, put ads on television and let the crazies hear the wrath of their constituents. Otherwise breath a sigh of relief that we might be able to continue forward protecting as much as we can for the poor and middle class while the rich will definitely pay more!