Jan 17 2013





In one afternoon by issuing twenty-three Presidential Executive Orders, President Obama has done more on gun control than any other President in history. In addition, he has challenged Congress to pass a ban on military style assault weapons, limit ammunition cartridges to only ten bullets and to toughen background checks including closing loopholes in the current law. Clearly the President is determined to be a strong and powerful leader in his second term.

Just to be clear, it is not only the tragic death of the children of Newtown that demands a return to sanity around guns. Over 30,000 Americans died last year from gun violence. Many of those deaths are young people who dying from gun violence greater than almost any other cause. By the time this day is finished, eight more people will have died from guns.

The statistics are not new. What is new is a President who is willing to tackle the National Rifle Association and their huge and well funded political apparatus to bring back sane, reasonable and thoughtful gun regulations. The President is not banning guns or the right to bear arms. He is limiting the unnecessary procession of military style weapons and ammunition cartridges that can cause mass death.

To be honest Americans, a majority who support limiting these weapons, have had this opportunity before around Columbine, Aurora and so many other mass slaughters. The only question is will we drift on to other issues or will we respond with a fury to a well fund munitions-makers financed political lobby? This is finally our chance to organize, to fight and to beat back the power of the gun lobby.

The President has show great courage and powerful leadership with his courage. Americans must finally stand up to the guns and be counted for a sane and safe America. You must organize as if it was a Presidential election. Give funds to those fighting to support the President. Write letters and send emails to your elected officials. Promise to support members of Congress who might be in danger if they support the President and remember to keep that promise come election time.

Without question the NRA will do all of that and more. They won't forget in the next election. Do you have the fortitude and courage to stand up to them in a long battle? I sure hope so.