Jan 30 2013




In the early 1980's there were all these rumors floating around that Rock Hudson and Jim Nabor's were getting married. Someone even cooked up a fake wedding invitation. Of course back then there was no email and press agents ruled the world and quickly put the rumor to rest. Plus the fact, marriage equality didn't exist anywhere in the world. However, the rumors about Nabors sexuality have been rampant for years.

Nabors (in case you need to be reminded or told for the first time) was a huge star playing the goofy "Gomer Plye' on the hit television series The Andy Griffith Show' and his own series "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." At that time, coming out in television would have been the kiss of death. While most people in the entertainment industry knew of his homosexuality, Nabors never acknowledged it publicly in the press.

Nabors had an incredible voice and for years sold an amazing number of recordings to a wide audience.

Eventually, the aging actor basically retired to Hawaii.

In 1975, Nabors meet his partner Stan Cadwallader who was a firefighter in the Aloha State. Jim Nabors and Stan Cadwallader have been together for 38 years! This week, with Nabors being 82 years old and Cadwallader 64, they got married in Washington State.

As one who remembers the brutality of the 1970's and 1980's for LGBT Americans, there is something to me incredibly sweet about them getting married. Put aside the useless arguments in Nabors case about when he should have come out. Instead focus on the fact that a couple who has been together for near four decades at last can legally marry.

This is a joyous event which we all should celebrate and use as an opportunity to measure how much progress we have made over the last decades. Nabors and Cadwallader has my best wishes for much happiness and long life!