Jan 25 2013





After the historic four victories for marriage equality in the last election, it appears that marriage equality is breaking out everywhere. This past week's highlight has to be the President calling for marriage equality in front of the Supreme Court Justices at his Inauguration! However, a close second is movement again in the states. Here is an update:

Rhode Island: The House of Representatives in Rhode Island passed marriage equality by a whopping 51 to 19 vote margin. The bill now goes to the State Senate where a much tougher fight is expected. The Governor has pledge to sign the legislation once it is on his desk.

Hawaii: Marriage equality was introduced into the State House this week and the chances are reasonably good that the Aloha State could have marriage equality before the end of the session. The Governor would sign the legislation.

Illinois: Coming back from 'almost having marriage equality' in December, the legislation has been submitted to the state legislature early this month. Votes in both houses are expected in the near future. If passed the Governor will sign it.

Minnesota: The chances are slimmer here but attitudes in the state are rapidly changing. The latest Public Policy Poll has marriage equality leading 47% tp 45%. While it is a slim margin this is the first time it has led. Governor Mark Dayton strongly supports marriage equality. Even 22% of Republicans now support it!

United Kingdom:  Prime Minister David Cameron is supporting a marriage equality bill that will be debated for the first time in the House of Commons on February 5. This is the first time that debate has actually be set on the legislation