Jan 22 2013




The newspapers have been filled with the crisis in Northern Africa both in the hostage situation in Algeria and the civil war in Mali. Over the last years, DavidMixner.com has written often about the dangers of the failed nation states and terrorism. The geographic boundaries created by colonists have guaranteed the current tribal, ethnic and religious battles that are raging in Africa.

The focus in on Northern Africa currently but civil war rages in Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Syria, the Congo and Chad. In addition, increasing violence is taking place in Nigeria which has the potential to be the largest nation in the world to fail as a nation state. This is a good start for you all to start learning about this hotbed of activity.

DavidMixner.com promises to continue its coverage of Africa, failed nation states and terrorism both for ideological and economical reasons.  For some reasons, having problems with embedded code, so sorry, please cut and paste here to see this outstanding video