Jan 15 2013




Photograph by Nigel Barker

Nigel Barker did a photo shoot with Singer Taylor Swift in just one day. From that effort emerged a new book 8 Hours/ Taylor Swift. Barkers new show on Oxygen, Face, is debuting on February 12 at 9PM. In addition, after making a number of documentaries, Barker has begun preparation on what will be his first feature length film.

Entertainment Weekly reported on the Swift project which is for charity:

"Taylor Swift has teamed up with photographer Nigel Barker for an interesting look into her life with a new photo book entitled 8 Hours/Taylor Swift.

Head over to Entertainment Weekly who has exclusive photo’s from the limited edition book that show many different sides of Taylor. Barker told Entertainment Weekly:

“She’s not necessarily known for her sex appeal. But she is someone who is emerging in a way that I’ve never seen.”

“You’ll see her transform from a young girl into this rock and roll superstar, totally in your face,” Barker said of the Swift. “It’s unbelievable how she’s changed and of course how the music is changing and evolving. She’s one to watch.”

Swift and Barker are autographing 10 copies of the book which Sony will be auctioning on eBay. The proceeds will go to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

The book will also be available exclusively at Sony stores, starting on November 12, with the purchase of a Sony Alpha DSLR or NEX camera."