Jan 8 2013



President of Chile

Forbes Magazines has picked the fifteen richest politicians in the world. It is interesting that both Russia and Lebanon have several on the list. Most likely over the next decade we will see more and more individuals with huge sums of personal money run for office. Here are the Forbes 15 and you can go to the site to find out more details about all of them!

1. Michael Bloomberg (American): $25 Billion

2. Mikhail Prokhorov (Russian): $13.2 Billion

3. Bidzina Ivanishvili (Georgia): $6.4 Billion

4. Silvio Berlusconi (Italy): $5.9 Billion

5. Henry Ross Perot, Sr. (American): $3.5 Billion

6. Andrei Guriev (Russian): $3.5 Billion

7. Naguib Sawiris (Egypt): $3.1 Billion

8. Najib Mikati (Lebanon): $3.0 Billion

9. Sebastian Pinera (Chile): $2.4 Billion

10. Jeff Greene (American): $2.2 Billion

11. Dmitry Ananyev (Russian): $1.8 Billion

12. Saad Hariri (Lebanon): $1.7 Billion

13. Tom Golisano (American): $1.6 Billion

14. Meg Whitman (American): $1.7 Billion

15. Lord David John Sainsbury (United Kingdom): $1.1 Billion