Jan 25 2013



WI08 whooping crane 106_5629

Around the turn of turn of the 20th Century there were at least 20,000 Whooping cranes in the United States. With their majestic wing span, they would migrate from Canada and fly each year to Arkansas, Louisiana and Eastern Texas. By 1941 there were only 21 left in the entire United States because of habitat loss and unchecked hunting. In Louisiana there was one left. The Whooping Cranes were on their way to being one more bird on the extinction list.

As a young boy, I remember when there were less than 60 of these birds.

Fortunately, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service started a breeding program in an attempt to save this wonder of nature and they are being successful. Today over 600 Whooping Cranes make the migratory flight each year.

Last year Fish and Wildlife put 10 young ones in Louisiana and for the first time in sixty years the Cranes are flying over the marshlands the Pelican State!

Hopefully another this is another successful comeback story for nature.