Feb 3 2013




Western Black Rhino Declared Extinct Two Years Ago

All over the world the number of animals that are facing extinction is shocking. Even mainstays like elephants, rhinos, tigers and lions might disappear from this planet in the next twenty to thirty years. Children born today have a real chance of never experiencing any of those animals in the wild.

BusinessInsider.com has listed ten animals that were hunted to extinction. Here are five of them:

1.Tasmanian Tiger (Extinct since 1936)


The Tasmanian tiger, also called the thylacine, was a marsupial native to Australia and the island of Tasmania.

The carnivore was seen by farmers as a threat to sheep and therefore hunted, trapped and poisoned for government bounties.

"Many people, however, believe that bounty hunting alone could not have driven the thylacine extinct and therefore claim that an unknown disease epidemic must have been responsible," researcher Thomas Prowse, of Australia's University of Adelaide, said in a statement.

Using population models to simulate the direct effects of bounty hunting and habitat loss, the new study found that humans alone were responsible for the animal's doom.

The last wild Tasmanian tiger was captured in 1933 and taken to the Hobart Zoo, where it died three years later.

2. Bubal Hartebeest (Extinct since ~1954)


This extinct antelope once lived throughout much of Northern Africa and the Middle East. It was pushed toward extinction by European hunters in the 1900s.

The last remaining Bubal Hartebeest was shot between 1945 and 1954 in North Africa

3. Javan Tiger (Extinct since ~1970s)


The Javan tiger roamed the Indonesian island of Java in large numbers during the 19th century

Humans played a large role in the tiger's demise, as they took over the animal's natural habitat and cleared trees. The tiger was also hunted and poisoned by natives, who considered the creature a pest.

The last documented observation of a Javan tiger was made in 1972.

4. Zanzibar leopard (Extinct since ~1990s)


The Zanzibar leopard, a subspecies of leopard that lived only on the Zanzibar archipelago of Tanzania, is believed to have gone extinct sometime in the mid-1990s.

The animal became the target of a brutal extermination campaign after many island natives believed the leopards were kept by witches to menace their fellow villagers.

5. Western Black Rhino (Extinct 2011)


The International Union for Conservation of Nature declared Africa's Western Black Rhino officially extinct in November 2011. Rhinos are killed for their horns, believed in traditional Chinese medicine to cure fevers.

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