Feb 5 2013





The English House of Commons has began the process that will lead to a vote today on creating marriage equality in the United Kingdom. This will add the British Isles to an increasing long list of nations that have recognized the rights of LGBT couples by giving them full equality and not a 'separate but equal' system of laws.

Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has put the full force of Number 10 Downing Street behind marriage equality. However a massive bloc of Conservative MP's are rebelling and refusing to vote for full equality for their LGBT citizens. Over 150 Conservative MP's made an appeal to the Prime Minister to stop the vote.

The vote in all parties will be an 'act of conscience' vote and not a strict party vote. Once it is reported out of the House of Commons it goes to the House of Lords. 

The Labour Party has made clear where it stands on the issue by releasing their vote count this morning. Labour will vote overwhelmingly for marriage equality. The count among its members showed:

For Marriage Equality: 218
Abstaining: 3
Against Marriage Equality: 14

Perhaps that is why the latest YouGov Poll has Labour dramatically leading the Conservative Party.

Labour: 45%
Conservative: 30%
Liberal Democrats: 11%
UKIP (Right Wing): 9%

In a general election, that would give the Labour Party a margin of 126 seats.