Feb 3 2013





The nation has a new holiday and it is Super Bowl Sunday. The fact of the matter is that if the Super Bowl was played on a weekday, Congress would be forced by public pressure to declare it a new national holiday. Like Thanksgiving and Christmas the holiday is about food with the emphasis on casual food but tons of it. Buffets tables will be groaning under pizza, tacos, pigs wrapped in blankets, chips, dip, exotic beers and some speciality dish depending if you are a Ravens or Forty-Niner Fan.

Performers are dying to anchor the half time show since it is one more validation that you are indeed at the top of your game. Being picked to perform they join in one event the legendary Madonna, Rolling Stones and lets not forget the famous Janet Jackson moment. Beyonce knocked the silly skeptics out of the park by singing the national anthem A cappella at her Super Bowl Press Conference. She is already a winner.

This year my heart (initially) belonged to San Francisco. The Tony Bennett song kept swirling in my head and besides the City by the Bay is home to a large LGBT community. Then a new virus started sweeping the 49's and rampant homophobia staring pouring out of some of its players. In a bizarre tale, two players who had participated in "It Gets Better" video swore they never appeared until shown the ad. Then they proclaimed they thought it was just against bullying and didn't involve LGBT kids. Duh?

So without hesitation or looking back I have shifted my allegiance to the Baltimore Ravens and the color purple. Besides I should have known better from the beginning since the team is the home of the forceful straight ally Brendon Ayanbadego. What was I thinking?

The real dilemma about this whole sporting event this year has hardly been discussed in the press.


For those of us who are "Downton Abbey" fans, the Super Bowl is on at the same time. Not that is really a very serious situation. Before you fill up the comments section, yes I know I can tape "Downton Abbey" but it is just not the same. Clearly the answer lies in the score. If one team (the Ravens) has a big lead then you can afford to see what happens following last weeks shocking episode of the English show.

Putting on my best purple Raven colors, with a nice snack and a remote in hand in case it is time to switch to that handsome Irish revolutionary on "Downton Abbey", I am ready for the Super Bowl and to participate fully in yet another national holiday in America!