Feb 10 2013





Blizzard Nemo for New Yorkers was the perfect blizzard. We got the excitement of the storm, the blowing winds and just the right amount of snow. A foot is a good storm but not a paralyzing one. Most people won't even have to shovel their cars out since you can usually just barge out of your parking places.

What makes the storm even better is you just don't have to go anywhere or do anything because you have the perfect excuse! After all, there was a blizzard last night!

The result is that people are granted a special lazy day. You can stay in your pajamas, wear those worn slippers and even walk around with that awful bed hair that looks like a nightmare version of Lyle Lovett! You can read, catch up with old friends on the phone and take little naps with your pets. Even clean up that closet or the apartment a little bit so it has a sense of cleanliness but not requiring a lot of energy to be expended.

For me, Robert Kaplan's book 'The Revenge of Geography' is calling out my name to be read today. Might even shift through my DVD's in the chest that the cat's bed is on and see if I am tempted to watch old movies just one more time. The problem is that I want to see so many of the classics that I usually can't make a decision and ignore them all. Guess I better order soon that Netflick direct thingie so there is even greater choices to bring me to a total stalemate.

The sun has even come out after the passage of Blizzard Nemo and they are content to lie in the sun as if they had the best reservation in South Beach. Always am amazed how much they sleep and they never get sunburn. My oldest cat Uganda is like a watch. She knows exactly what time and where each sunbeam enters the apartment. She follows the sun like she was a sundial.

So, off I go to grab a book, search for DVD and shut out the world. Thanks Nemo!