Feb 11 2013





As a person who has struggled with his weight and experienced the pain of 'fat bullying' this has not been a good week for the obese. The fact of the matter is that any fat person in public is a target for those who feel they can discuss without impunity that person's weight. Society has established no boundaries when it comes to proper behavior in regards to those who are heavy.

This week is another example of talented people being taken down for daring to be public figures and overweight.

First, the press is consumed by the weight of Governor Chris Christie (R-New Jersey). The Governor did his best to defuse the issue by his appearance on David Letterman. However my heart went out to him because he was hoping against hope that somehow that putting himself down with humor would stop the painful depictions and questions that he endures on a daily basis.

Then you had the outrageous Rex Reed lambasting Melissa McCarthy for her performance in the new hot movie "Identity Thief" . He called her 'tractor-sized', 'female hippo' and a 'screeching , humongous creep'. Really, Rex? One of the most talented comedic actors of our generation and all you saw on the screen was a fat person?

Trust me I know I have had a problem all my life and I have struggle to find solutions. Most of my family on my mother's side had serious weight problems. Never did I need to be reminded by anyone that I was fat. It was with me every day and hardly a day would pass when some intended or unintended comment caused me pain.

Recently I had gastric bypass surgery to deal with my weight. While making progress even that is not a fool prove vehicle to take care of my struggle the rest of my life. I am acutely aware of that fact.

Children who are struggling with their weight feel they don't belong in society. They hold back their talents and gifts for fear of being judged and ridiculed by their peers for their weight. Many young people who stand out because of their weight actually attempt to disappear by not going outside, leaving school or refusing to seek the stars.

Obese people, a good 25% of the American public, know every day that a chair might not be big enough, not being able to fit into a restaurants booth or listening one more time to a lecture about losing weight. They know that they have a health problem just as those who smoke know they have a health problem.

People should be supporting people who are attempting through many different diets, surgeries and magic potions to gain control of their weight.

Each day as I struggle myself and see other people struggling, I hope that science will find a solution to deal with the unique set of genes that make some of us gain weight quickly.

For me, while disagreeing with him on LGBT rights and other issues, I am sure glad Governor Christie was Governor when Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey. Melissa McCarthy makes me laugh out loud in the movie theater in times that laughter is needed by all of us.

So stop participating in the 'fat bullying'

Don't make fat jokes in front of your friends who sitting right there overweight. Don't put down a person walking pass you while your overweight friend is right next to you. Don't be cruel to those who happen to have a different struggle than you.  Stop describing Christie as a 'fat pig' online simply because you disagree with policies.  

See if you can practice a little more love and understanding. Love always is the best solution. It really works.