Feb 1 2013





One of the worst Nor'easters to ever hit the East Coast was the classic Blizzard of 1996. Places in the Mid-Atlantic states had up to 48 inches of snow. The storm hit the Northeast from January 6 to January 8 and was unrelenting. Winds gusted to 75 mph and created massive drifts literally shutting down the entire area.

President Clinton had to closed the Federal Government for a week. Philadelphia schools were closed for ten days!

Over 150 people died in the storm and $1 Billion in damage.

Drifts in some areas reached 8 feet high and the snow totals were unbelievable:

Big Meadows, Virginia: 47 inches
Tacoma Park, Maryland: 36 inches
Washington, D.C.: 25 inches.
Baltimore: 22 inches.
Philadelphia: 30 inches
Edison, New Jersey: 32 inches
Newark: 27 inches.
New York City: 20 inches