Feb 13 2013





The National Hurricane Center issued a report on the impact of Hurricane Sandy and the amount of death and devastation is still shocking. Here are some of their findings and conclusions from other resources:

1. Hurricane Sandy ranks in the top twenty-five most deadly hurricanes ever to hit the United States. With the exception of Hurricane Katrina, it was the most deadly hurricane since Hurricane Audrey killed over 400 in 1957.

2. The total direct and indirect death toll for Hurricane Sandy is 161 people in the United States. A vast majority of those killed where in New York and New Jersey.

3. The hurricane is the second costliest hurricane in the nation's history. Only Hurricane Katrina did more damage.

4. The estimated damage for Hurricane Sandy is over $50 billion.

5. Over 650,000 homes were destroyed or seriously damaged.

6. At least 8.5 million people lost their power.

7. The Hurricane was the largest hurricane in size ever since records started being kept. Winds were felt as far away as Wisconsin and into Canada.

8. New York City storm surge smashed the previous records and reach just below 14 feet.

9. For every dollar spent in building future infrastructure to protect the city from storms, we will save $4 in future costs.

10. Shore Birds migrating might suffer because of the storm. The Delaware Bay (known as the Serengeti for birds) suffered major damage to its eco-systems.