Feb 6 2013





The models are at war on this Friday's forecast and it is literally a roll of the dice for New York City. The American model has the Big Apple getting just 1" to 3" of snow while New England has a full fledge blizzard. The European model shares the blizzard with New York City and forecast over a foot of snow there. One model from a less reliable agency has New York receiving over thirty inches of snow.

What is clear is that starting as rain early Friday morning a storm will develop off the coast. At this time it is likely that New York City could receive up to six inches of snow and quite possible could reach over a foot. The winds will be strong. The snow could be wet and drifting might not be a problem but that also could mean some power outrages. The wet snow clinging to trees and wires with heavy winds could cause major power disruptions.

Everyone should stay tune. Most likely there will not be a consensus on the models until Thursday night.