Feb 4 2013




The world of music is dramatically changing and soon the CD's will go the way of the eight track. Artists are struggling to find ways to make money and break into the big leagues.

Increasingly technology has made that effort both easier and more difficult. With the new Samsung Galaxy phones, all you have to do is tap two of them together to share play lists and no one has to pay a cent.

The failure to pay for music is hindering tons of talented people from making a living with their art.

However the Internet, like talent shows, allow artists great exposure and they can become huge sensations. They can place their music on ITUNES or other sites and not have to share profits with a large company or a team of personal advisors.

True Youtube.com sensations are becoming rarer as more people attempt it.


One singer/songwriter that is really an honest to goodness Youtube.com sensation is Eli Lieb. This young man from Iowa came to New York to make his fame in music but it wasn't until he returned home to Fairfield, Iowa that his music really took off. Eli, who is openly gay, has well over a million hits on many of his Youtube.com videos. He is able to perform small concerts now in places, sell songs on ITUNES and has a huge number of real fans following him.

Eli has been brilliant at the business of creating a fan base on Youtube.com. His music is carefully selected from original songs written by him to doing cover's of other artists big hits. The decision of what music to put on the site and how to make it original is what has made this young man a true star.

Like all those who have made it big on Youtube.com he is working hard to take it to the next level. Working on his own out of his home with no support he has to count on his fans to buy his music and for the music industry to give needed backing.

Gone are the days of singers and bands being discovered performing gigs in a seedy bar. The world of the Internet has enabled talented singers and songwriters like Eli Lieb to share their art with everyone.

Hopefully, the entertainment industry is listening and this fine young man will be able to expand his fan base even more. Eli wrote and performed the following song which was just released.