Feb 12 2013





While it seems awful early to be looking at polls for the 2016 national presidential race, the fact that Hillary Clinton is in the mix makes it really interesting for folks. Public Policy Polling has just completed a national survey and here are the results:

In A Democratic Primary:

Hillary Clinton: 58%
Joe Biden: 19%
Elizabeth Warren: 8%
Andrew Cuomo: 3%

If Clinton doesn't run then the race belongs to the Vice President:

Joe Biden: 57%
Elizabeth Warren: 13%
Andrew Cuomo: 5%

In A Republican Primary:

Marco Rubio: 22%
Paul Ryan: 15%
Jeb Bush: 13%
Chris Christie: 13%
Mike Huckabee: 11%
Rand Paul: 10%
Bobby Jindal: 4%
Rick Perry: 3%
Susana Martinez: 1%

In the General Election, Chris Christie is the strongest candidate against Ms. Clinton. The results would be:

Hillary Clinton: 49%
Marco Rubio: 41%

Hillary Clinton: 49%
Jeb Bush: 43%

Hillary Clinton: 50%
Paul Ryan: 44%

Hillary Clinton: 46%
Chris Christie: 42%

To see how they all run in Iowa just click here....