Feb 16 2013





-While Republicans are having a hard time finding someone to run for Secretary of State John Kerry's seat, Congressman Ed Markey might suddenly find himself in a very tight Democratic Primary. Congressman Stephen Lynch a 'Southie' from Boston and Pro-Life is giving Markey a race for his money. The new WBUR Poll has Markey at just 38% and Lynch a strong 31%.

-No one can be surprised the Senator Lautenberg did not seek re-election. He would have been 96 years old at the end of any new term! Newark Mayor Cory Booker(photograph above) faces a primary challenge from Congressman Frank Pallone who represents the Democratic machine from Northern New Jersey. Pallone is a flash back to the 1960's in New Jersey politics.  A poll showed Booker beating Lautenberg by 40% to 25%.

-The Democrats in Louisiana aren't dead yet. A new Public Policy Poll has lots of encouraging news! New Orleans Democratic Mayor Mitch Landreiu runs even with Republican United States Senator David Vitter in a race for Governor. Democratic United States Senator Mary Landreiu even leads Republican Governor Bobby Jindal by 8 points as she seeks re-election.

-Republicans in Louisiana are all over the board for their choices in the 2016 Presidential race however they are not aboard for their own Governor in that race. Also amazingly, their nominee for Vice President, Paul Ryan, runs a distant 7th in their choices. Here is how Louisiana would vote in the Republican primary:

Marco Rubio: 21%
Mike Huckabee: 18%
Bobby Jindah: 14%
Chris Christie: 11%
Jeb Bush: 9%
Rand Paul: 8%
Paul Ryan: 7%
Rich Perry: 3%

-While only 29% support marriage equality in Louisiana, amazingly 54% of that Southern state voters support civil unions. I am in shock.

-Interesting statistics coming out of Alaska. A recent poll showed Hillary Clinton running even with Republicans in a potential match-up in 2016. Clinton is tied with Marco Rubio and Chris Christie. She would beat Sarah Palin by a margin of 16 points in her home state!