Feb 19 2013





Forbes.com is reporting that Carlos Slim Helu (richest man in the world) and Bill Gates (richest man in America) have met to discuss their charitable works around the world. The result of the meeting is that they will pool resources and fight world hunger. The two will especially focus on using "their foundations to promote research and the development of agricultural technology to increase farmers’ productivity and reduce hunger among the world’s poor people."

The Gates Foundation has an endowment of $36.2 while two foundations created by Slim have a total of $7 billion in them.

Gates wrote on his website about Slim:

"“Carlos is a very interesting guy… He reminds me a little of Warren Buffett in his ability to find undervalued investment opportunities. I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent with him, getting to hear his thoughts on business trends and the future of Latin America. His father immigrated to Mexico from Lebanon,”