Feb 18 2013




Lobby 1
Mt. Washington Hotel in New Hampshire

For those of you who are hotel addicts (count me as one of them), there is nothing like walking into a new hotel and witnessing a spectacular hotel lobby. This first impression can make or break your stay. Lobbies have become gathering places for drinks and socializing either before your evening begins or afterwards! For writers, it is a splendid place to sit like Agatha Christie and obtain ideas for your characters.

Here are a few of my favorite lobbies.

Lobby 9
Four Seasons Gresham Palace in Budapest, Hungrey 

Lobby 8
Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida

Lobby 7
Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, Tennesssee

Lobby 6
Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas

Lobby 5
MGM Grand Hotel in Macau, China 

Lobby 3
London's St. Pancreas Hotel