Feb 15 2013





One of the biggest soccer stars in the United States came out of the closet today and then immediately retired from the sport at the age of twenty-five. While there is joy at another person finding the personal freedom and courage to come out, personally there is some real disappointment.

Soccer Star Robbie Rogers already has distinguished himself on the field of play. He represented the United States on the 2008 Olympic team. Roberts was a player in Major League Soccer (MLS) and was a star player for the Columbus (Ohio) Crew. The team went on to win the MLS Cup when Rogers played for them.

In addition, he was known around the world for skills on the field and played for Leeds United in England.

The disappointment was that he retired as soon as he came out of the closet. Wouldn't it have been extraordinary that the twenty-five year old could have played just for one year as an out player. What a ground breaking moment that would have been. Instead it gives the appearance of him coming out and leaving his passion for sport because he is gay.

Trust me, I am thrilled for him and wish him well but can't help but go "If only if......".

Rogers was raised in Southern California and has over 75,000 Twitter followers.