Feb 9 2013



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While Blizzard NEMO dumped a foot of snow on New York City the hardest hit area appears to be Central Connecticut and the end of Long Island. In Connecticut, Milford has report 38 inches of snow! Westport has over 30 inches and sections of New Haven have reported three feet of snow. Boston has reported near two feet and it is the sixth worse storm ever to hit that city. Portland, Maine has the greatest snowstorm on record with 30 inches.

Winds have been brutal. Martha's Vineyard had a gust of 83 mph and winds hit 77 mph at Hyannis Port. The Long Island Expressway is shut down on the eastern part of that area with over a 100 cars stranded . Drifts are as high as 8 feet in some areas in New England.

The Governor of Connecticut, which is the hardest hit, has ordered every car off the road. Estimates are that over 700,000 people are without power.