Feb 21 2013




Most Americans know about the famous Southern 'Bible Belt'. The strong hold being the eight states in the deep South and reaching over into Oklahoma. Only is Utah with its huge Mormon population is as intensely religious as the 'Bible Belt'.

However, can you name the states in the 'Secular Belt'? Out of the top ten least religious states in America six of them are in New England. Gallup Polling released their poll for 2012 to identify these states and the percent who considered themselves very religious.

1. Vermont (19%)

2. New Hamphsire (23%)

3. Maine (24%)

4. Massachusetts (27%)

5. Rhode Island (29%)

6. Oregon (29%)

7. District of Columbia (30%)

8. Nevada (31%)

9. Hawaii (31%)

10. Alaska (33%), Connecticut (30%) and Washington (30%)