Mar 25 2013



Times Square 9Times Square "Light The Way' Event

New York City gave a good start to the push for full equality as the Supreme Court gets ready to hear the historic DOMA and Proposition 8 cases. In the afternoon, 1,500 people marched from the Stonewall Inn to Washington Square. As the sun set, several hundred people held a quiet vigil in the Quaker tradition of  'giving witness' in the crossroads of the world - Times Square.

Over the next twenty-four hours over 150 events will be held in all fifty states to acknowledge this historical week for LGBT Americans and demand full equality. The largest are expected to be in Washington, DC.

Here are some photographs of the candlelight vigil last night. Thanks to Peter Yacobellos and Jon Lovitz for helping to make this event happen. Special thanks to all of you attended and join me in Times Square. It meant the world to me.




Times Square 4

Times Square 8

Times Square 6

Times Square 10