Mar 1 2013




The recent events unfolding with the Supreme Court Cases around marriage equality demands reflection on the LGBT community's 'long day's journey into the light'. No one knows with certainty what will happen with the cases because the inner workings of the United States Supreme Court can be baffling and complex. My personal instincts (and it is just instinct) is that we will win by a vote of 6-3. However that might just be wishful thinking on my part.

What is already a clear and historic victory is the tsunami of support that surfaced with the cases as person after person and group after group filed amicus briefs in support of our epic struggle for full equality. The response has been overwhelming.

The highlight is that the President of the States who asked the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn Proposition 8 and repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

Then there were over a 100 major Republicans who asked the Court to do the same. Add to the equation hundreds of major corporations demanding justice for LGBT Americans. Let's not forget the civil rights organizations, associations, labor groups and so many others who lined up to file amicus briefs for justice. The list seems to be endless

Reflecting back just three decades ago when it was impossible to find hardly anyone to stand with us and the loneliness of the battle, it is hard to not emotional over the turn of events. Back then even liberal Democrats kept us at arm's length and candidates refused to take our money. A strange disease was beginning to ravage the community and no one came to our aid. Society insisted we stay in the closet and families fled if we came out.

It was a difficult, painful and struggling time. Even many in the LGBT community wanted activists to remain quiet and not rock the boat. Those of us who insisted on freedom were shunned by many in the closet for fear that mere association would tarnish them. Only 10% of the LGBT community felt we should have the right to marry. Nevertheless, those of us involved were determined that we should be free - full freedom and not seperate but equal!

The answer to 'did you ever think you would see the day?" is 'no'.

This week has been simply amazing. Savior it. Enjoy it. No matter what happens in June we are already winning.

Don't let these victories pass without three loud cheers, having a victory dance and offer many, many thanks to our President, our allies and all those who love equality.