Mar 27 2013




Times Square 6

"But you want us to step in and render a decision based on an assessment of the effects of this institution which is newer than cell phones or the Internet?"

-Supreme Court Justice Alito

Perhaps we could forgive such a miserably inaccurate statement from Justice Alito because he is a devout Catholic, the older generation or just plain doesn't know any LGBT Americans. Because if he had the right information, knew LGBT people and understood the pain of the closet he would have never made such a stupid statement.

The Justice might think that his first awareness of the issue was the beginning of the struggle for freedom and full equality. He, as usual, could not be more wrong.

You see Justice Alito the reason you were not aware of the issue until after the wide spread use of the cell phone is that people like yourself begged LGBT Americans to lie, not tell the truth and stay in the closet. You most likely were among the group that used to say "Don't really care what you do in the privacy of your bedrooms but don't tell us about it". In a nation that places great value on truth that it sends people to prison for lying, you urged us to be dishonest, hide our very beings and lie to you and your friends.

If you believe that marriage equality is a new issue you can not be more wrong. From my first awareness of being gay, I yearned to be accepted, free and be able to have the same joys that loves offers every human being. Yes, from my early years I wanted a wedding where my family and friends could celebrate my love. You see Mr. Justice, the issue has always been here since time began. The urge to belong and celebrate is never a 'new issue'.

What marriage equality is, Mr Justice, are people filled with the American dream who will no longer lie to make you comfortable. A people so determine to be free that no matter what you rule in June we will have the ultimate victory.

Why? Because your children and grandchildren are no longer buying your desire to have us lie to them. Because your children and grandchildren just simply want to go to the weddings of their fellow LGBT Americans.

By the way, Justice Alito, do you know how to use an IPHONE?