Mar 8 2013





News24 in South Africa has broke the news that twenty-four rhino have been killed by poachers in just one week. The Kruger National Park area was the hardest hit and data is numbing: Killed in Kruger:

2012: 425 rhino
Since January (2013): 107 rhino
Since Feburary 20 (2013): 15 rhino

The statistics keep mounting and the death toll has reached the shocking point. In all South African parks the toll is:

2010: 333 rhino
2011: 448 rhino
2012: 668 rhino
2013: 146 rhino

That makes 1,595 rhino killed in just two and a quarter years. Unless the international community intervenes dramatically we will soon see rhinos and elephants disappear from the face of this planet.