Apr 8 2013




Korean War by David Douglas Duncan

With everyone in the world wondering what in the hell the North Korean leader is thinking, what are Americans thoughts on the crisis? Gallup Polling asked that question and here are the results:

-If North Korea attacks South Korea, 55% of American believe that United States military forces should be used to protect the southern nation. Only 34% are opposed to U.S. military action.

-Americans are evenly split if such military action in Korea will be necessary in the next six months - 43% says it will be needed and 44% says it won't be needed.

-An amazing 28% believe North Korea could some how attack the United States in the next six months.

-About a third of Americans are following the crisis very closely and over another third are following it closely.

-If you just take those that are following the crisis closely, a whopping 66% believe we should intervene with troops if North Korea invades South Korea.