Apr 22 2013





"Members of the audience called her a “liar,” an opponent relentlessly attacked her, and the moderator at one point had to beg the scornful crowd to let her speak."

-New York Times (April 21, 2013)

Little did New Yorkers realize that Speaker Christine Quinn was such an evil person.

Forget her stellar record as Speaker of the New York City Council. Ignore the fact that she presented seven balance budgets on time. Put aside that she has fought for the rights of others even when it wasn't politically popular. Don't remember the times when she travel to poor neighborhoods and stood with the mothers of gun victims often without press and sometimes only seven or eight people standing with her. And, for God sakes, don't remember how day in and day out she was there and is still there for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Quinn's male opponents have crossed the line in their conduct with personality attacks, distorting her record and whipping up their supporters in a frenzy of 'hate Chris'. The well known mild mannered Alex Baldwin launch a vicious attack on her as he is supporting Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. Really, Alex, of all the evil in the world Christine Quinn deserves that kind of tirade?

They, with delight, proclaim that she is tough, cusses and plays a hard games of politics. In fact, if they described a male candidate with those attributes he would be call a decisive leader. Let's face it. These guys are having a hard time dealing with the fact that they might lose to open lesbian who would be the first woman Mayor of New York City.

Christine Quinn is an unapologetic tough daughter of Ireland who gets things done. She is tough. She does cuss. She doesn't put up with nonsense. She doesn't like delays when Hurricane Sandy victims aren't being helped. She has no patience for homophobia from anyone. She is a feminist who wears that badge with pride.

Christine Quinn is a strong powerful leader and is the perfect person to take over the City of New York.

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and her Democratic opponents are good men. They have stood for good things. This kind of conduct is beneath them and they know better. It is simply conduct unbecoming.

More important, while these candidates are strong supporters of LGBT rights, these kind of angry attacks gives permission to the homophobic and misogynist crazies out there. Of course you have every right to challenge her on the issues. Quinn can handle it. She needs to handle it.

Hopefully you can stand for more then you are not Christine Quinn!  However don't tolerate the increasing anger, disruption and hatred that is taking place. Speak out against it. Tell Mr. Baldwin and others that their anger is misdirected.

For those of us fortunate enough to attend the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund brunch this past Sunday, we heard speaker after speaker talk about the difference having one of our own in office makes in protecting the right of LGBT Americans really struck home. Congressman Sean Maloney gave an eloquent speech how it has affected his colleagues on the floor of the House.

When it came Quinn's turn she was powerful, moving and a leader. She talked about young LGBT Americans and our obligations to them. She talked about her vision for the city. All I could think of as she was speaking was what an excellent tough and visionary Mayor she would make for the Big Apple.

Go get them Christine