Apr 25 2013





An extraordinary part of our history is being told in a new documentary film about the notorious witch hunt against gays in the Federal Government in the early 1950's known as the Lavender Scare. This week is the 60th Anniversary of the Executive Order demanding that all LGBT employees in the Federal government must be fired.

The purge of homosexuals from the government was massive in the 1950's but continue for four decades until President Clinton an executive order allowing LGBT civilians to work for the Federal government.

At last, this documentary give those victims of the 'lavender purges' a voice. Their stories will be heard by an entire nation.

The producers have started a KICKSTARTER campaign to raise $50,000 to complete "The Lavender Scare". I have given and I hope you will join me. Please click here and make it possible for our history to be told for future generations.