Apr 1 2013




Lighter shades of blue and red indicate open seats

The Republicans feel that 2014 is there year to pick up control of the United States Senate. Not only are 21 of the seats up are currently held by Democratic but there has been a number of Democratic retirements in difficult states. Distinguished and liberal Senators like Jay Rockefeller (WVA), Carl Levin (MI), Tim Johnson (SD) and Tom Harkin (IA) have hung up their spurs.

Republicans have only two retiring Senators in Saxby Chambliss (GA) and Mike Johanns (NB)

Adding to the Democrats uphill battle to maintain control are Democratic Senators who are running for re-election in traditional strong red states such as Louisiana, Arkansas. Alaska, North Carolina and Montana.

If you look at how bad President Obama lost in Republican states, you understand the difficulty of keeping them in the 'red column' for the U.S. Senate. Here is by how much our President lost each of those states:

Alaska (Begich): -14%

Arkansas (Pryor): -24%

Louisiana (Landrieu): -17%

Montana (Baucus): -13%

North Carolina(Hagan): -2%

South Dakota(Open): -18%

West Virginia (Open): -27%

Democrats do have some hope if they find good candidates in Senate seats held by Republicans in South Carolina (Graham), Kentucky (Mitch McConnell) and Georgia (Open).

Plus the selection of some very poor candidates in such places as Georgia, Iowa and South Dakota should be helpful to the Dems.