Apr 25 2013





Without question one of the great heroines of current day Africa is Kuki Gallmann. She has such an amazing story that there was a major Hollywood motion picture made from her autobiography. The film, I Dream of Africa, starred Kim Basinger and was released in 2000.

Gallmann has been a pioneer in the effort to save the wildlife of Africa and known for her bravery, innovative solutions and passionate commitment to that cause.

She traveled to Africa with her husband and son in 1972 from Italy to settle in the Northern Rift Valley. Her husband was killed in an automobile accident and her teenage son died from a snake bite. She stayed in Africa and became a citizen of Kenya.


She continues to fight for the survival for her precious wildlife. She was badly beaten by poachers last year. Over forty elephants have been killed on her property alone.

You can support of her foundation by clicking here.