Jun 26 2013





In what is one of the most historic days in the history of the LGBT community, the United States Supreme Court killed both DOMA and Proposition 8. While we had hoped for more with Proposition 8, the victory for LGBT Americans is a HUGE VICTORY. The ramifications for a broad and powerful DOMA decision is a HUGE VICTORY. The fact that LGBT Californians will now be able to legally get married is a HUGE VICTORY. The fact that now one third of Americans live in states where marriage equality is legal is a HUGE VICTORY.

Much work remains ahead of us on so many levels but today is a day to celebrate. Cheer, hold parties, have sex, make love, hug each other and feel that special feeling of pride of being a LGBT American. This is not the day to nip-pick.  We are family.

Tomorrow, roll up your sleeves because we have work to do. Bring on Illinois, Arizona, Oregon, New Jersey and others. The LGBT Freedom Train is heading your way. There is no way LGBT Americans are stopping until they have total and complete equality at every level.

Never have I been prouder to be an LGBT American then today. Thank you all for giving me this moment. We all are family I love you.