Jul 2 2013





Just when you think that New Jersey Republicans couldn't get any worse on marriage equality along comes Republican Congressman Chris Smith (4th District). He has become one of only twenty-eight co-sponsors of an amendment to the United States Constitution banning marriage equality. Only five of those sponsors are from outside the deep South and he is one of them.

This proposed amendment basically would create a system of apartheid for LGBT Americans. One set of laws for marriage for straight Americans and one set for LGBT Americans and put it in our beloved Constitution.


In a Rutgers University Poll, 62% of New Jersey voters said they would vote for marriage equality and only 30% said they would not vote for it. Even 40% of Republicans ands 31% of Conservatives support the right of LGBT Americans to get married.

To have a New Jersey Congressman support a Constitutional Amendment along side some of the most ugly right wing voices coming out of the South and Southwest is totally unacceptable.

Those Republicans and Conservatives banning together to support marriage equality ought to consider running a primary against him. Democrats should get busy to find a really good candidate to challenge him.

The man has been in Congress over three decades and that is at least a decade too long.