Aug 9 2013


BRLEAAOCQAEdNKK's first stop was in Switzerland where fifty international members presented the International Olympic Committee with over 322,000 signatures on petitions demanding that the Committee to speak out and take action against the brutal and humiliating anti-Gay Russian policies. has 1.8 million members!) reported:

The Olympic Committee hasn't hosted such a gathering before! Their Director of Communications accepted the massive petition and held a long meeting with us.

He listened to our concerns and announced that the Olympic Committee has now asked for the Russian government to state in writing that no athletes or visitors will be persecuted because they are gay. That shows they're feeling our pressure to do more – but it's not enough.

We're going to keep asking the Olympic Committee to be a true guardian of Olympic values, by speaking out against the Russian anti-gay crackdown. The International Association of Athletics Federations spoke out today – it's time for the Olympics to follow.

In New York, presented at the Russian Consulate 340,000 signatures as the petitions signatures continue to grow. The Russians spoke through semi-closed gates as if they feared that masses would descend on them any minute.

You can sign their petitions here.