Aug 22 2013





Since post-surgery, I have been catching up in my favorite television shows. High among my favorites would be the show "So You Think You Can Dance'. As dance was increasingly becoming a dying 'art form' among young Americans, this show without gimmicks has single handedly brought dance back to the masses. The show celebrates dance and not the hosts or judges. You fill like you are back stage watching the auditions and the pressures, joys and heart break of dancing.

This season the show has been one of the best with incredible moments of dance routines by strikingly talented young dancers. One of the highlights of the season has to be last week's 'Two Brothers' performed by Tucker and Robert. In many ways, this routine reminded me of the brilliant art that was created at the most deadly height of the AIDS crisis in the late 1980's and early 1990'.

One of the delights of this show is that it gives not only star choreographers a place to showcase their talent but also to mentor and give visibility to the genius of young ones like Travis Wall's who choreographed this powerful work of art.

Enjoy this special moment.