Sep 9 2013





Over the last five decades America has lost over 60,000 of its sons and daughters to the ravages of war. The cost for waging these wars have soared into the trillions of dollars. The time consumed by our elected officials and decision makers whose focus has been on war has been massive. The results of these military ventures at best have been a draw and at worse a total waste of lives and resources.

While we wage war and 'rebuild' other nations, America has lost its own greatness.

Our nation has seen it debt dramatically rise, its infrastructure crumble, its schools become no longer the best in the world, 14% of its own children go to bed hungry every night and our healthcare system is a mess. The list can go on and on about how America has fallen compared to other nations in its services, education, taking care of the poor, maternal health and so many other domestic issues.

America has paid a huge price for waging questionable wars. Is it any wonder that the nation is screaming to Washington - 'ENOUGH'?

Vietnam was a disaster as we lost over 50,000 soldiers to 'stop Communism' from spreading in Southeast Asia. Since losing that war, we are now building close relations with our former enemy since they are afraid of the Chinese sphere of influence. The Communist nation has become a major tourist attraction for Americans including cruises down the Mekong Delta! Exactly what where we fighting for again?

Iraq was a disaster of lies and deceit by the Bush Administration that caused the death of over 5,000 American soldiers, a fortune spent 'rebuilding their nation' and a questionable end. Democracy really doesn't exist in Iraq now and they are currently supporting President al-Assad's genocide against his own people. Thousands are still dying from sectarian strife and little has been accomplished by that mistaken military effort.

Afghanistan was the war to response to 9/11. That horrible event was over twelve years ago and we are still fighting America's longest war. Al Qaeda is currently more active in Pakistan, Yeman and Syria then in Afghanistan. Corruption is rampant in the nation and President Hamid Karzai is constantly critiquing America. Osama bin Laden is dead. The leadership of Al Qaeda has been disrupted. Our leaders should bring the troops home and stop the death and massive expenditures.

America is weary of war.

America is tired of its sons and daughters dying for questionable objectives and international chess games.

America is tired of spending trillions and trillions of dollars on war.

America wants our sons and daughters home safely.

America wants our leaders to focus on making America great again at home and let our domestic achievements speak to the world about the wonders of democracy.