Sep 30 2013




Governor Christie loves his reputation as a take-no-prisoners, tell it as it is independent tough guy. He blusters about making sure people believe he is not afraid of any issue, group of people or other political personalities. Unless those folks happen to be LGBT Americans.

Then you see Christie meekly tipping toe into the night attempting to duck and avoid the issue. Refusing to show leadership on an issue that not only has it time come but it is quickly leaving him behind. With the recent New Jersey court ruling demanding marriage equality in the Garden State by late October, the Governor once again attempted to hide behind some sort of corrupted definition of democracy.

He has already vetoed marriage equality once after it had passed the state legislature. The polls show that the people of New Jersey want marriage equality by two to one margin. Those number have been consistent for months.

Christie's leadership? He wants a ballot issue that will cost millions and millions of dollars, divide the state and allow voters to vote on the rights of other Americans. He has been a total coward on this issue.

While we are at it maybe we can allow a long ballot and vote on the rights of all minority Americans? Interracial marriage? New Jersey voters can have a high old time deciding who gets Constitutional rights and who get them taken away!

Everyone who knows him reassures me he really doesn't believe in stopping marriage equality but there is that group called the Tea Party which recent polls how barely 20% of the American people support. His supporters seem to believe by winking at us it makes the Governor more palpable to us.

Actually it makes it worse. What they are really saying is that the Governor is willing to sacrifice our rights AND his principles to please a fringe right wing extremist group within his own party. What it tells us about the Governor is how quickly he will sell American citizens down the river for his own political career.