Oct 15 2013




A solid infrastructure is critical for economic growth, access to marketplaces and building for the future. When President Eisenhower saw the German autobahns he knew that America in order to be competitive had to build an interstate highway system. That system has enable this nation to be mobile and move from one marketplace to the other with relative ease.

Also building a nation's infrastructure puts people to work and people at work pay taxes and taxes pays for creating the type of infrastructure that will even put more people to work. It is not rocket science. America is now 25th in the world for an adequate infrastructure. Nations like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Barbados and others have a better infrastructure than America.

This nation is one of the last in the developed world to build a network of high speed trains. Over 600 dams are unsafe and in desperate need of repair. Hundreds of bridges are at risk of falling. Some sewer and waste systems are over 100 years old. City streets and highways are almost impossible to travel they are in such bad repair. School building have to be renovated to meet the technology demands of this century. The list can go on and on.

According to Business Insider, here ere are the top five countries that have the best infrastructure in the world as America sits at number 25. For our future, for jobs and for America to remain great, we must get busy and busy soon.

1. Switzerland:


Switzerland ranks 1st for quality of railroads and 4th for quality of electricity supply. It ranks in the top 30 for all categories.

The country's deep financial markets are the foundation for its overall competitiveness.

Global Competitiveness Index: 1 out of 144

2. Singapore:


Singapore ranks 1st for overall air transportation infrastructure and 2nd for quality of ports, and 2nd for infrastructure overall. It ranks in the top 30 for all categories.

Global Competitiveness Index: 2 out of 144

3. Finland


Finland ranks 6th for quality of railroads and 7th for quality of ports. It ranks in the top 30 for all categories.

The country is widely considered to have one of the best education systems in the world.

Global Competitiveness Index: 3 out of 144

4. Hong Kong SAR


Hong Kong ranks 1st for mobile telephone subscriptions per capita and 2nd for air transportation infrastructure overall. Hong Kong ranks in the top 30 for all categories.

Global Competitiveness Index: 9 out of 144

5. France


France ranks 1st for quality of roads and 4th for quality of railroads. It ranks in the top 30 for all categories and fourth for overall infrastructure.

Global Competitiveness Index: 21 out of 144