Oct 16 2013



In Center Dutch Diplomat Onno Elderenbosch


A senior Dutch diplomat was attacked inside his home, tied up and beaten in Moscow. The attackers wrote LGBT in lipstick to leave their calling card.

The Dutch King is considering canceling a trip to Russia later this year.

Of course, this happens as Russia says everyone will be safe at the Winter Olympic games. If they can't protect diplomats in Moscow, who can they protect?

Reuters reports:

A Dutch diplomat was beaten by unknown assailants in Moscow on Tuesday, a week after President Vladimir Putin demanded an apology for a Russian diplomat's alleged beating in the Netherlands, Russian news agencies reported.

Dutch media said the Dutch government had summoned the Russian ambassador to the Netherlands in response to the incident.

The Moscow attack resembled Russia's version of the incident in which it said a minister-counsellor at its embassy in The Hague was badly beaten in his home in front of his children by armed assailants. The Russian embassy said he was beaten with a police baton.

A Russian police source told Interfax the Dutch diplomat in Moscow had reported that assailants broke into his apartment, beating him and leaving "a heart with the letters LGBT" on the diplomat's wall. LGBT is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

Dutch media said the Dutch diplomat suffered minor injuries. Interfax's police source said he did not ask for medical treatment.

The summoning of the Russian ambassador by Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans, reported by national Dutch news agency ANP, was the latest in a string of diplomatic confrontations between the Netherlands and Russia.

Putin was met in Amsterdam earlier this year with a gay pride parade where activists waved pink and orange balloons to protest against Russia's ban on gay "propaganda" directed at minors, which has sparked international criticism