Oct 9 2013





Watching television in the New York market place you will have seen some really ugly ads directed toward Newark Mayor Corey Booker. The New Jersey special election to fill the Senate seat of Senator Frank Lautenberg has become very nasty. Unfortunately, I have yet to see one ad for Booker on my television.

His opponent, former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan, is all over the media with not so subtle racists ads using the code word "Newark" as anti-gay Republicans would use the words "San Francisco" to get their message across to bash gay friendly candidates. Lonegan is an extreme right winger who supports the shut down of the government and is campaigning against Obamacare.

Quinnipiac University has released the results of their new poll this morning showing:

Corey Booker: 53%
Steve Lonegan: 41%

The results showed:

In today's results, independent voters tip to Lonegan 50 - 44 percent. Booker leads among Democrats 92 - 4 percent while Lonegan takes Republicans 87 - 10 percent.

There is a huge gender gap as women back Booker 62 - 31 percent, while men back Lonegan 51 - 44 percent. White voters are divided with 49 percent for Lonegan and 46 percent for Booker. Among black voters, 93 percent go Democratic with no blacks voting for Lonegan.

One week before the special election for U.S. Senate, 5 percent of New Jersey likely voters remain undecided and 6 percent who name a candidate say there is a "good chance" they will change their mind in the next seven days.

"It's still not the predicted blow-out, but with a week to go, Newark Mayor Cory Booker hangs on to a nice, if not exactly comfortable, double-digit lead," said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

"And despite the Stripper-Twitter Affair, Booker has a 2-1 lead among women, while men back Lonegan."

New Jersey likely voters support Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, 51 - 44 percent and oppose 77 - 17 percent shutting down the federal government to stop implementation of the health care law. Opposition to the shutdown is 55 - 36 percent among Republicans, 97 - 1 among Democrats and 73 - 20 percent among independent voters.

But 76 percent of voters say they have not been inconvenienced by the shutdown.

New Jersey likely voters say 76 - 18 percent that Booker's tweets with a stripper is not a legitimate issue in the Senate campaign. There is almost no gender gap as men say 79 - 17 percent it's not an issue and women agree 73 - 18 percent.

Booker gets a 57 - 32 percent favorability rating, compared to Lonegan's 36 - 33 percent favorability, with 28 percent who don't know enough about Lonegan to form an opinion.

Booker's views on issues are mainstream, 66 percent of voters say, while 23 percent say they are extreme. Lonegan's views are mainstream, 43 percent say, while 36 percent say they are extreme.

Despite Lonegan's "Show Horse/Work Horse" attack, New Jersey likely voters say 57 - 31 percent that Booker "would be good at getting things done for New Jersey in the U.S. Senate." Independent voters agree 52 - 38 percent.

Voters are divided on whether Lonegan would get things done in the Senate, as 39 percent say yes and 42 percent say no. Independent voters are positive 45 - 36 percent.