Oct 23 2013





While one wishes the new arrivals at the Burger's Zoo in the Netherlands could have been born in the wild, nevertheless it is a rare event to welcome new twins to the Gorilla family. Who can't look at these photographs of mother and child and not smile. They are so damn cute.

MailOnline reports:

Lovingly cradling her new born baby twins, this mother has certainly got her hands full.

And the proud gorilla has a double cause for celebration, her new arrivals are an extremely rare occurrence in the captivity kept species.

According to experts, twin gorillas come along once every ten years in the world's zoos, making 20-year-old N'Gayla's brood something worth celebrating.

Staff at Bergers' Zoo in Arnhem knew that the imposing matriarch was expecting an infant, but they were stunned when, one morning, they discovered her gorilla holding the adorable duo.

The twins, a boy and a girl, will cling to their mother for the first 18 months of their lives, having little contact with any of the other species.

But once they are old enough to begin roaming, the great ape enclosure for themselves, other members of the group, including their 23-year-old dad, Bauwi, will be able to get to know their youngest playmates.

Wilco Limpers, head keeper of the great apes at Burgers' Zoo, said: 'In gorilla world, twins are very rare because in the last fifty years, there has only been ten births. '

The father is not doing anything in the beginning, only sit next to her to protect her towards the others.

'When the youngsters are one and a half year old, they want to play and then he will play with them and that's quite nice to see.