Nov 27 2013





Alec Baldwin, who is known for his explosive temper and frequent use of anti-LGBT slurs, is now blaming 'fundamentalist gays' for his dismissal from MSNBC News.

Really Alec?

Perhaps if you didn't believe using anti-Gay demagoguery as the ultimate insult to those you hate might have something to do with it. You said you are willing to take 'some responsibility' for your behavior but you blamed strident gays for being responsible for your plight.

Here is a unique concept Alec.

Maybe if you have never repeatedly over the years used anti-LGBT language, took anger management classes and stopped your public outbursts against people you might still be on the air. The fact of the matter is that calling a photographer a 'cocksucking faggot' might be a good reason for the loss of the job.

Maybe if this was just the first time you have blown up in public the world would be more forgiving but your anger is ugly, violent and derogatory to many Americans.

Here is some unsolicited advice.

Stop blaming others and find ways to get help to contain your anger and unbelievably ugly episodes of public behavior. LGBT Americans who were offended and insulted by your outbursts didn't cause you your job. Believe it or not, you did it all by yourself!