Nov 13 2013





With Hawaii and Illinois now added to the honor roll of states that allow marriage equality, which state will be the next one to join them. All over the country there are court cases and actions taking place as the inevitable march toward marriage equality takes place.

You can keep updated on the Freedom to Marriage web site.

What we are learning is that almost in any state a court or legislative action can happen quickly. Soon we will be hitting the 50% mark where over half of the people of the United States live in marriage equality states.

Here are some are some of the hot spots that could yield marriage by the end of next year.


There could be a ballot initiative repealing the State Constitutional Amendment and making marriage equality legal. Polls show that those who favor marriage equality has a substantial majority.

New Mexico:

Expect a court decision in the next couple of months that most likely will make marriage equality statewide. The State Supreme Court has already heard oral arguments.


The courts have agreed to hear the case early next year.


A court case has developed out of a local county official issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. A decision could come down next year. Pennsylvania is now the only Northeast state without marriage equality!


Two powerful cases now proceeding in the state.